September 25, 2023
Carrie Nixon arranges stock on the shelves at Ewyn Weight Loss Studio in Waterdown.

Carrie Nixon commenced her wellness journey as a consumer at a excess weight-reduction centre.

“I did it for the reason that I couldn’t have kids, and they explained to me that I experienced to reduce body weight and perhaps that would function,” the proprietor of Ewyn Pounds Reduction Studios Waterdown explained.

Soon after going through a bodyweight-decline program, her life altered.

“Now I have two,” she explained of her small children.

The gratitude she felt following her journey led her to employment at the business that supplied the weight-decline method and would finally start her toward a career path she was not anticipating.

Right after leaving that business, which had long gone bankrupt, she went back again to college and labored as a own trainer and fitness trainer just before daily life happened and she was pressured to do something else.

Nixon teamed up with a career counsellor who questioned her a question: When were you the happiest?

“I claimed operating at this prior business — aiding men and women get to their objectives,” she recalled.

It was then that her work counsellor talked about Eywn and encouraged her to attain out about any chances.

Nixon did just that and was called in for a work job interview.

“We sort of clicked,” she claimed of the recruiter. “I experienced this odd, odd experience that I was property.”

In the drop, Nixon started off managing her personal Ewyin Excess weight Decline studio in Waterdown.

“Waterdown has been very type and I’ve achieved some seriously awesome individuals,” she stated.

For prospective customers, the studio provides an integrated three-tier system to enable folks attain their bodyweight-loss ambitions.

A diet plan prepare, wellbeing coaching and overall health supplements make up the system, which gives people interested an option to discover extra about the software during a no cost, no-obligation session.

“It presents me a whole lot of knowledge about them, their desires, their requirements, what they want to weigh, if they are on prescription drugs, if they have any situations,” mentioned Nixon of the preliminary seek the advice of.

The Ewyn staff also seeks to fully grasp a the likely client’s motivations to shed body weight and seems to be to obtain out about a person’s guidance community.

“That allows me to figure out what application they’d be ideal suited for,” she explained, noting unique pounds goals have exceptional prerequisites.

The moment a client has signed on, they are envisioned to go to the centre each and every working day for the very first two weeks, if achievable, so Nixon can make sure they are on the route to achievements.

“A whole lot of men and women really don’t eat enough food items, so we want to generally regulate their food ingestion so they are obtaining a particular total of energy,” she mentioned.

“They’re not counting calories, but the program’s developed that if they are having appropriately, they are likely to get the correct quantity of calories in every single day simply because we really do not want their blood sugar spiking.”

The group also needs to ensure that purchasers really feel effectively and want to retain likely.

“Sometimes I have to be a cheerleader, occasionally I’m a drill sergeant, occasionally I’m just a shoulder to cry on it just relies upon on what the customer requirements.


80 Hamilton St. N.

Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.