September 24, 2023

A dental report of Shraddha Walkar exhibiting a root canal technique and knowledge tooth elimination aided Delhi Police determine that component of a skull recovered from Chattarpur Enclave forest was in truth hers, the chargesheet has exposed.

On November 12, Shraddha’s treatment method slip by dentist Dr Ishan Mota of Mumbai was seized from Aaftab’s household. The dentist had told the police that “he did the root canal in two of her molar teeth”. “He said that he taken off one of the knowledge tooth. Physician has supplied a diagram of the enamel of her decreased mandible (decreased jaw),” the chargesheet states.

On November 20, 2022, in the course of a look for at a forest spot in Chattarpur Enclave, Aaftab allegedly pointed in the direction of a distinct area stating that he disposed of Shraddha’s skull under a bush. The law enforcement recovered “a mandible”, but “other elements of the cranium could not be observed there”.

“Apparently the jaw was of a human currently being as two teeth have been discovered to have caps while a knowledge tooth was lacking. The accused educated that two tooth of Shraddha Walkar had caps,” the chargesheet reads.

The chargesheet states that the investigators matched the reduced mandible based on a “diagram by the doctor” and a DNA examination confirmed it.

The medical board viewpoint on recovered bone states that “injuries observed on the examined bones are caused by a human staying and currently being homicidal in nature simply cannot be ruled out”.

There are other items of DNA evidence shown against Aaftab in the chargesheet.

On November 23, 2022, law enforcement claimed to have recovered a polythene bag that contains Shraddha’s hair from a rubbish disposal spot immediately after Aaftab took them there.

The CFSL report connected in the chargesheet states that the fridge utilized to store the physique parts contained traces of blood and eight bone parts matched with the DNA gathered from Shraddha’s father.

A damaged picket board and a damaged piece of a wood board seized from Aaftab’s home experienced traces of blood that matches with the sufferer.

However, 13 bone pieces recovered from a drain at Chat-tarpur Enclave jungle and displays made up of a single hammer, 11 knives and 1 scissors “did not produce amplifiable DNA for analysis”.

The Delhi Law enforcement despatched some of the exhibits to the Centre for DNA fingerprinting and diagnostics (CDFD) for more assessment and mentioned in its chargesheet that this “one bone (out of 13) and hair recovered at the instance of accused Aaftab are of Shraddha”.

Police have so significantly not managed to come across the bag, noticed, and chopper allegedly applied by Aaftab. Nor have they managed to find Shraddha’s cell phone, debit and credit cards. The other human body areas could not be recovered as the chargesheet states that the “jungle is very dense”, “in tricky terrain” and “inhabited by quite a few wild animals”.